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After her tap house temporarily closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah knew that her and her team had to get creative when they were allowed to re-open with a "to go only" food and beverage service. They opted for a small food menu and fun drinks and, they decided to put their popular house made Salted Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookie on the menu- with the hopes that their customers would add one or two on to their orders...

To their surprise, not only did people order one or two with their orders, but they started ordering them by the dozen! With COVID business fears on the horizon, Sarah decided to also start selling a variety of half pound cookies at her tap house, in addition their original menu. The first week, they sold out in two hours! After that, she enlisted more and more help and has been making cookies every week since. 


In the fall of 2020, Sarah and her crew realized that these cookies had grown to need a brand of their own. When discussing potential names, Sarah remembered one of her kids enjoying a cookie and saying, "THIS is a real good cookie." From there, there was no looking back, and Real Good Cookies has continued to sell online, with local pickups and nationwide shipping ever since. 

In 2021, Real Good Cookies moved into their own commercial kitchen to keep up with customer orders. Now sold online, through select wholesale locations, local fundraisers and at events in their mobile sales van, Real Good Cookies has made over 200,000 cookies and has shipped to all 50 states in the United States. 


Friends. It's time.

Over the past four years we built an incredible cookie empire together. Over 210,000 cookies baked. Cookies shipped to every state in the USA. Over 70,000 pounds of flour from the North Dakota State Mill and sugar from American Crystal Sugar used. Over thirty business owners have believed in us and put RGC on their shelves. I've shared more of my soul talking about my love for cookies with strangers in a van down by the river than I ever imagined. I've worked with absolutely the best cookie makers in the area who have continuously made me proud and excited to walk into the shop every week. My kids, my husband, my parents, my siblings and my friends are proud to tell me people refer to me as "the cookie lady", and I've absolutely embraced it.

This company was born out of the pandemic, with this community supporting us and encouraging us along the way. I've tried to repay that favor at every turn with over $100,000 in cash and cookies donated to schools and organizations in our community. It’s been an honor to see how those dollars were used to make a difference.

I had high goals and plans for this company's expansion into our own space with room to see your beautiful faces while continuing to grow. I had a team surrounding me and supporting that goal. But reality is reality. I'm an accountant by trade and the numbers no longer make sense in this economic climate. It's been such a hard decision; one I've grappled with for some time and one that I've now come to peace with.

Real Good Cookies will be suspending operations at the end of June 2024. My team knows and although we're disappointed to be going in different directions soon, we are dedicated to getting you all of the Real Good Cookies your heart desires these next couple months. Ordering is now live on our website for the final weeks of shipments. Flavor requests in the comments are highly encouraged. All custom orders will be completed as ordered. Gift cards can be redeemed online through June only or while supplies last. A sale of our baking equipment is underway. If interested, please reach out for more details.

I have no other words except:

THANK YOU. I'll forever be grateful for this experience.

With a grateful heart,


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