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To give back, we offer a program we call, Cash In The Cookies, which is a fundraising program for organizations in our local community.

At the beginning of 2020, we were making a batch or two of our original OG cookies every month at Brick & Barley in downtown Grand Forks to sell in our taproom. By the end of 2020, we were knocking on the doorstep of our 10,000th cookie, as well as shipping our cookies nationwide! There were even some cookies shipped internationally through other customers! We know this growth was possible because of our friends and neighbors in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, who bought our cookies, shared our cookies, and most importantly, posted about our cookies on social media. To Give Back, we are offering the community a program called "Cash In The Cookies". It's a fundraising program for organizations for our local community. Click below to find out how you can find cash in our cookies!

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